Trees and Potted Trees

Trees and Potted Trees

A high quality giclée print of Christiane's painting, Trees and Potted Trees. Giclée prints offer an incredibly high level of detail, and amazingly accurate reproduction of colour. We choose giclée printing as it's as close to the original painting a print can get.

A limited edition of 100, printed on heavy weight 100% cotton paper. Signed and numbered by Christiane Kubrick. Image size 40cm high x 50cm wide. 

About giclée prints
A fine art giclée print is created from the artist's original artwork. An extremely high resolution digital image of the artwork is made, then loaded into specially enhanced printers that output the digital image onto fine art paper or canvas. Since the digital image includes even the smallest detail of light and shadow such as textures of the paint and canvas or paper, the fine art giclée is often indistinguishable from the original work of art. Brush strokes have the appearance of brush strokes, even though they are two-dimensional images on paper. The giclée process provides better colour accuracy than any other means of reproduction and quality inks guarantee light fastness for 75 years.

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